Never let yourself down.
Never let yourself down.
Never let yourself down.

Motivation is an essential part of our routine as well as work life. It is necessary to be motivated and have consistency to achieve goals and be successful. It promotes you to improve yourself and develop an attitude like “want to do even better than yesterday”.

“Motivation is all about to achieve your goals and improve yourself”

Here is some tips for self-motivation and these tips are personally applied furthermore tested by myself.

Don’t hesitate to try new things out!

I saw many peoples have some exceptional qualities, but due to unknown fear or fear of something known and due to this fear they become hesitant to…

How to communicate effectively?

Communication is a critical part of any business. Not just for business, but every aspect of our life. We need to communicate with each other and understand things to survive. For example, you can share different views or ideas, suggestions to other peoples, where you need to know how to communicate!

“Don’t let peoples control your side, just manipulate and impress peoples by communicating effectively.”

By taking an example of the business

This rule can be applied to business as well, In business, you need to handle clients or customers, and communicate with them to understand their requirements respectively. So for this, communication is the only thing…

Simple how to guide demonstrating how to become hacker.

So, you want to become hacker!

Simple how to guide to become hacker

Follow the below-listed points, these all points will surely help you to become a powerful hacker. I’ve personally followed these steps and it helped me to become an ethical hacker.

Other common skills, like following:

Firstly, make solid problem-solving skill-set, i.e: you’re capable to solve any challenge that has come through practice. YES! that’s true. The more you practice, the more you’ll be capable to solve any challenge!

Develop Never give up attitude! which is very essential. …

Inspiring story of Vivek Pancholi

Brief Story how I built a successful career in cybersecurity!

I was born and grew up in a middle-class family. During my childhood, I faced a lot of struggles to complete studies as I was already weak in studies.

But somehow I worked hard and was able to complete primary education.

After some years…

for managing pocket money, I learned how to repair electronics devices as well as computers.

Over the next few years, this job gave me immense knowledge and experience in fixing electronics devices and computers.

I’ve already burning desire to develop a career in the field of…

Mr Vivek Pancholi

I might be where i want to be!

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